Official MiSTer (Standard) IO board

Official MiSTer (Standard) IO board

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The Official MiSTer IO board is a multi-purpose board for Input/Output that has the following features:

1x VGA port(can output RGBHV[vga], RGBs[RGB w/ composite sync], or YPbPr[component] w/ SOG[Sync On Green])
1x Analog or digital Audio output va 3.5mm audio or mini toslink
1x 7 pin USER port connection (Required for SNAC or BlisSTer)(please note this is NOT a USB port)
3x Buttons for access to the OSD menu
3x Status LED's
1x 40mm Fan
1x Heatsink
1x Secondary micro SD card slot

It will allow you to connect your MiSTer to CRT's, as well as providing a 3.5mm audio output, as well as many other useful features. If you wish to use a SNAC or any other Low Latency input solutions for the MiSTer, you will need an IO board. The (analog) IO board is also compatible with the ADC tape input board. If you wish to see configuration settings for your MiSTer.ini file, please see our respective cable listings for compatible settings. Our (analog) IO boards do not include extra standoffs, as these are included with our case solutions. If you need extra standoff's, please attach a note to your order!

If you have any other questions about the IO board's capabilities, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to answer any questions.