Prebuilt Bare Bones MiSTer Kit

Prebuilt Bare Bones MiSTer Kit

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Our pre-built MiSTer kits comes with just about everything that you need for you basic MiSTer setup. The analog output of the IO board allows you to dual output your MiSTer to both a CRT, and an HDMI source at the same time. The VGA output can be configured for RGB, Or component output. The IO board also includes a fan, optical or analog stereo output via a 3.5mm port, a second SD card, and the USER port for use with low latency input options such as SNAC.

Our Bare Bones kits come with no case/cover. Only the bare PCB's and all required screws and standoffs. It also includes a fan/heatsink, and an inline splitter & on/off switch.

Includes the following as a pre-assembled kit:

1x de10-nano (includes pre-formatted 8gb SD card & Power supply)
1x MiSTer IO board v6.1
1x MiSTer 128mb SDRAM v2.5
1x MiSTer USB hub v2.1 (Includes Y splitter & Bridge adapter)
1x Inline on/off switch

If you would like to add a larger SD card or upgraded power supply , please add to your cart before checkout!.

Simply update, and copy your roms to their appropriate location, and play! (This does not come with ANY roms! I do not distribute roms, please don't ask!)