Ultra HDMI / N64digital Install
Ultra HDMI / N64digital Install
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Ultra HDMI / N64digital Install

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This listing is for an install service of a Retro Active Ultra HDMI HW2 or a N64digital.

It will NOT include a Ultra HDMI or N64digital unless you have purchased the kit from our shop, if we have any available. It does not include the Nintendo 64 Console, power supply, or joystick.

Upon purchase of this service, you will be required to send us your console (and any other required parts depending on if you have purchased a kit from us or not), so that we can perform the requested services. Once the installation is completed we will return it. (average turn around time is 1-2 weeks from receiving your console + return shipping time).

We recap the system (and OEM power supply if included), and install the upgrade board. Your console will thank us later! We can ONLY recap your power supply if it is an OEM adapter. If it is not an OEM adapter, please contact us after purchase to discuss your situation.

Upon receiving your console, we will perform the following steps:

1: Thoroughly test your console, and contact you if we find any issues. 

2: Deep clean of your console.

3: Replace all electrolytic capacitors with new name brand capacitors provided by console 5.

4: Replace your LED (if option is chosen).

5: Replace your cartridge housing with a new region free 3D printed housing (if you choose this option).

6: Install the upgrade board. (This requires either sending us the mod kit, or purchasing one from our shop in the same cart)

7: Clean the main board & reassemble.

8: Thoroughly test our work to ensure you will have a perfectly functioning console.

9: Ship it back to you.

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